LETTER: Nominees look confused over council work

THERE is a heightened amount of anti-council sentiment at the moment.

People dislike this council.

Nominees for replacement councillors seem to be confusing what the role is actually capable of achieving.

Develop the CBD - The council is not a developer.

It can only apply existing state laws to a competitive tender process to develop the CBD, and regulate the application.

As ex-PM John Howard stated: "you can't be the competitor and the regulator".

Lower rates - Rates are set by State Government land valuations.

There is a set formula based on the value of your land.

The council cannot interfere with this process.

Spend less money - An audit at the time of amalgamation showed an infrastructure debt of $120 million in Calliope Shire alone.

Spending less still leaves the GRC with an infrastructure problem that must be addressed, according to state regulations.

Stand up and do your own thing - Councils must comply with the state local council laws, or be sacked and possibly charged by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

Make money - The council is not a business.

Providing services to ratepayers is the "core business" of the council.

State governments are very interested in councils that make money, particularly if other services are not up to spec.

Sell assets - Various funding sources have afforded the council particular assets.

Such sources include federal and state governments as well as ratepayers.

The bureaucrats run council business - If the councillors continue to fail to hold the bureaucrats to account, then the anti-council trend among ratepayers will continue to grow.