Letterman makes Kim Kardashian cry


David Letterman's next guest needs a Kleenex.

In a trailer for Season 3 of his Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, the longtime talk show host brings Kim Kardashian to tears.

"I wonder why I'm crying?" the 39-year-old superstar ponders, dabbing at her tears. "I've talked about this before."

We're not sure what the topic of conversation is, but it could be regarding a selfie or perhaps Letterman's ignorance about what AirDrop is and how she can share said selfie using it. Or, you know, maybe her topsy-turvy relationship with husband Kanye West.

Kim gets teary.
Kim gets teary.

The two-minute video teases three other segments, too, including one with Iron Man and Avengers star Robert Downey Jr., 55, who seems ready and willing to share details of his past incarcerations.

"I'm uncomfortable," says Letterman, 72, apparently slamming the bars shut on that conversation, which takes place both onstage and at Downey's alpaca and sheep-filled Malibu estate. Letterman also jams with Lizzo at her home studio, where she opens up about body-shaming by the public.

"When I was wearing a leotard on stage and saying, 'I love myself,' people were like, 'How dare she love herself? How could she?'" Lizzo, 32, tells Letterman, who suggests the negative reaction is due to envy.

"I know that I'm beautiful and I'm successful, so - hah! - make fun of me now," she says, punctuating her declaration with a loud laugh.

Letterman and Lizzo.
Letterman and Lizzo.

In the last featured interview, Letterman questions comedian Dave Chappelle about the ongoing spate of killings of black people - such as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor - by police.

"I was shocked that nobody ever talked about what it feels like to watch a man get murdered that way, by a man in a police uniform. I don't want retroactive justice; I don't want you to get 'em when I'm dead," says Chappelle, 47. "I want you to stop it."

Chappelle also cheekily asks Letterman, "Do you smoke weed, Dave?" to which the host suggests he's "high as a kite" as they speak.

The four-episode second season premieres October 21 on Netflix.

The third season of Dave Letterman's Netflix talk show is coming soon.
The third season of Dave Letterman's Netflix talk show is coming soon.

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