An error message on the ABS Census website.
An error message on the ABS Census website. JOEL CARRETT

LETTER: Two-way street

WE WITNESSED a lot of bluster from our government and the Australian Bureau of Statistics on how we should trust them as to why they want to link our names to the census we are supplying them and how safe our information was going to be once given.

Well, Blind Freddy could tell you that this is a promise that no one can keep no matter how much they may or may not actually believe it.

Tuesday nights hacking of the ABS internet site is obvious proof of this.

You know trust works both ways.

If our government wants us all to fill out the census honestly and accurately then how about a little trust back to us by way of keeping our names separate to the information supplied.

After all, you can't blame the people for no longer trusting our politicians.

- David McLintock