Letter to the Editor: NRL’s Stagg-ering shame


Subject of an NRL integrity unit investigation is Kotoni Staggs.

This 22-year-old Bronco star may lose his contract and future with football.

Yet again, the NRL’s reputation has been tarnished.

In Brisbane over Easter, his alleged involvement in a drunken incident is history repeating itself.

What is it with talented, revered footballers who drink and cause trouble, putting their careers in jeopardy?

Many fans would give their right foot to get a foot in the door of opportunities these players take for granted.

Drunken players throw away their futures for a night out on the town, oblivious to the cost and consequences.

But their talent speaks louder than their indiscretions

So many are so talented, their clubs write off these incidents as “boys will be boys” for the sake of the game.

We see it repeatedly.

Too young and immature to understand there is more to life than talent and football.

The NRL has a responsibility to fans. Many talented are eventually lost to the game they are born to play.

– Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands.

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