LETTER: Three tiers of government just a money waster

I AM a proud Australian, but I cannot understand why a country that has less than 25 million inhabitants has three tiers of government.

Why do we need the "state" and "territory" level? The national "federal" looks after national and international issues and a local/shire/regional level with the budget, power and authority could look after local issues. Think of the millions, even billions of dollars that we could save by removing all of the state/territory legislatures, governors and their associated bureaucracies, passing these functions - and the necessary support resources, a few extra elected representatives and public servants - up to national level or down to local level. Think of the savings that could be made by rationalising and nationalising the idiosyncratic state/territory laws, which differ enough to confuse but not enough to really make a difference.

But it would take a brave MP to raise the question... even suggesting that such a change to the established order should be undertaken could be political suicide. Could it happen? Probably not: it would almost certainly require fundamental change to the Constitution and there are too many vested interests who could and would effectively veto it. The legal profession would make a lot of (taxpayer-funded) money out of fighting tooth and nail for both sides and the arguments would drag on for years. Should it happen? Probably.

A Clark, Bundaberg