LETTER: ISIS debate coming into council election issues

YES there are Islamic State supporters in Australia. Plus Islam does allow for "Taquiya", the practice of deceit for the good of Islamic people. I well remember John Howard stating "We will decide who comes in to this country and how". All good stuff.

We can not separate one Muslim group from another and avoid doing the same thing as Muslim nations have been doing for at least 1500 years leading to a state of war continuously. This is at the core of all Middle East national and religious life, even to the extent some call for the extinction of Israel. This would be regarded as a crime against all humanity. At the heart of most of the conflict is one issue, the divide between Sunni and Shia people where there seems to be kill or be killed thinking in the struggle for survival and political dominance. Both the USA and now Russia are involved along with others including Australia in trying to deal with this conflict.

The western nations have become more engaged after the attack of 9/11 where thousands were killed with a very undercover attack on the twin towers. Under cover organised attacks now continue in many nations by those connected to or embedded in the Muslim religion. One result of this war is lives of western people including Australian military and civilians people are lost.

Our Federal Government is continuously setting new laws and increasingly building greater security. The latest killing of Curtis Cheng clearly show the high risks of living among those who use a mosque as it can and has been used in planning the act of terror. There is a gap at the local level, councils who give permission for any new mosque as in Bendigo may not heed the concerns of people in the community who object to the risk involved. With the coming council elections in Gladstone each candidate must be honest enough to declare their position as to what notice they will take of the community's voice.

- BRIAN ROSS, Gladstone