Letter: Taking the long view on free trade

Letter to the editor from Shane Kennedy, Gladstone

THE current government says that if we do not except this China FTA we will never have another opportunity.

I finished school in the mid '80s and started an apprenticeship.

We were told back then Australian wages were too high and investment in Australia would never go ahead.

Since finishing my apprenticeship I have worked on million-dollar and multi-billion dollar projects around Australia all my life.

It is 2015 and the world is still coming to Australia and investing in our great country.

Not just mining and construction but science and technology.

The majority of our senior government officials went to a free university in the '80s, and when I started my trade career at the end of the '80s there was a recession.

What came out the other end of it was 75% of the people that were millionaires in Australia were actually blue-collar workers.

They had good skills, knowledge, wages and started businesses and investment in our great country.

To be told by a government that this is our last and only opportunity to survive the global economy, and there is no plan b, seems to be a great concern to me.

It scares me that someone can sign an agreement and not consult Australians to approve or fine-tune it.

Dictatorship is a thing of the past. Communication is the future.