Letter: Bechtel asked to think of local workers

Letter to the editor from a Gladstone resident (name supplied but withheld from publication):

I AM a local resident and worker for Bechtel's APLNG site.

Gaining work on the island has been a great opportunity for my family and I am very grateful for this.

>> 600 being made redundant on Curtis Island every month

My only concern is that with the projects coming to a close, many of the locals will be shown the door before FIFOs and temporary locals (those who gained employment by providing a local address, but with the vast majority having no intention of remaining in Gladstone once they receive their redundancy).

FIFOs will also disappear.

I am a local resident, a home owner and will be here long after the projects finish. There are many like me.

My section only has one local leading hand remaining, with the rest of the leading hands and supervisors above being FIFOs.

With these sort of odds, I would say many locals' days will be numbered long before the projects end.

Of course, they are going to look after their own.

For those locals who have shown they want to work and are appreciative of the opportunity, I ask Bechtel, please think of them first.