Your say: Time will tell on Turnbull's success

THIS week's pollsters have adopted a 'wait and see' attitude when asked how they felt new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull would perform following his recent elevation to the top job.

Most seemed to think Tony Abbott needed to be replaced.

As one said, "I don't trust anyone who wears budgie smugglers".

No doubt there will be many who consider MrTurnbull to be a great alternative to Mr Abbott; there will also be many who consider neither are the right choice and we should bring back Julia, or Kevin - or anyone else...

They've all got a rotten job to do and it would be ridiculous to expect any person in that position to believe they would have the approval of every citizen.

It was TV and film director Bryan Singer who once said "You just have to trust your instincts and hope that if someone doesn't like your idea, you can prove them wrong in the final process. In the end, you can please some of the people some of the time, but that's about all you can do".

One thing's for certain. The revolving door to the PM's office needs to stop now. Australia can't afford to have any more changes in government. All they create is mass instability and immense uncertainty amongst the populace.

Mr Turnbull seems to be a popular choice amongst the majority of the people we spoke to - it's time now to give him a chance.