Let’s open up Gladstone region’s great tourism potential

IT'S NOT all that likely right now that tourists would consider the Gladstone region as a holiday destination.

But our region has an amazing number of reasons why we should be enticing people to come here for their break.

Our fair region is highly regarded as one of the best places from which to access the southern Great Barrier Reef, and yet few people seem to be aware of that.

And, a short trip to Tannum Sands will find you on a pretty good beach.

Go further south to Agnes Water and you'll get the best of all worlds - surf on the one side and calm waters to swim in around Seventeen Seventy.

Then, we have one of the most idyllic lake areas at Lake Awoonga.

Add to that the chance to see how our industries operate and you'll see we have plenty to offer the tourist.

However, the one thing lacking is that when it comes to long weekends, Gladstone tends to close down.

If we're serious about tourism, we need to lift our game.