Melinda Thomas.
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Let's look at Gladstone Roller Derby profile Melinda

ROLLER DERBY: Here's the second of our profiles of some of the athletes who'll compete in Saturday's Eric Scrim 19.

The Observer asks Melinda Thomas the 'hard' questions.

When did you start: I began three years ago.

Nickname: Sirius Whack from Harry Potter.

Highlights: Finishing second in a national event.

Lowlights: The smell of body odour in our bags and from the kit we have to wear.

What drew you to the sport? Someone told me I couldn't do it and so I proved them wrong.

What do you hope to get out of it? I got a soon-to-be-husband out of it when I met Cameron Barrett and we are soon to get married.

He's also my coach and is harsh but fair.