NEW CAFE: T3 on Wyndham owner Tracey Bourke is getting ready to open her new cafe tomorrow.
NEW CAFE: T3 on Wyndham owner Tracey Bourke is getting ready to open her new cafe tomorrow. Mark Zita GLA140419BOYNECAFE

'Let's do it': A new brew at Boyne Plaza

THE smell of freshly brewed coffee will greet Boyne Plaza shoppers tomorrow as a new cafe opens across from Woolworths.

T3 on Wyndham will finally open to customers after a year in the planning.

Owner Tracey Bourke formerly operated The Coffee Club at Tannum Sands for nine years, but closed due to high rent.

In the interim, Ms Bourke had been volunteering with Meals on Wheels and the Anglican op shop at Boyne Island.

Last year, Ms Bourke couldn't pass up an opportunity to reopen a cafe at the local shopping centre.

She approached the centre management of Boyne Plaza in July to make that dream a reality.

"We thought 'let's do it'," Ms Bourke said.

A unique offering that T3 will sell is Acai Flow, which Ms Bourke described as "pure acai in soft-serve form".

However, unlike normal soft serves that contain dairy or other milk products, Acai Flow is free from dairy and gluten and is vegan friendly.

"It's pure acai out of a machine," Ms Bourke said.

"(This saves us from) hand making it and putting it in a blender."

She described the taste as sweet but "not too overbearing or rich".

The product made from the Acai Flow machine is comparable to frozen yoghurt.

Ms Bourke said T3 will also offer good food and a relaxing atmosphere.

"I've got a nice group of ladies working for me all ready to go," she said.

"We'll offer an atmosphere that you can come down, relax and have a chat (to someone)."

Ms Bourke also obtained her liquor licence.

Once news had spread about the cafe, community reaction to the opening was positive.

"They're very excited," Ms Bourke said. "People are getting excited because it's over this side (of Boyne-Tannum)."

Coffee offered by the cafe will be sourced from Two Seasons coffee beans.

Ms Bourke will continue with her Meals on Wheels work in addition to running the cafe.