Lessons must be learnt from boom times for future projects

ONLY in Gladstone would you find 10,000 people working on what is virtually one construction site.

That's the way it is on our three LNG construction sites at the present time - and it's likely to stay at that level for the next 12 months.

These projects must be the biggest thing that has ever happened in Gladstone - and the benefits to our city's economy are obvious.

And now that the social impacts on the influx of such a huge number of people have been overcome, all's pretty good for most.

It's hoped our city - and the governments involved in the impact statement process are now aware of the major difficulties - is now fully abreast of the danger of approving such big projects without ensuring consideration is given to the social impact of large projects.

Gladstone went through a whole lot of heartache in the early stages of the LNG program - so much so that many long-time residents left town, driven out by the high cost of living here created by massive shortages of accommodation.

Let it be a lesson for the future.