Less than 80% voted for current councillors at last election

MORE people than ever before are enrolled to vote across the Gladstone Region at the March local government elections.

Since 2012 enrolments across the Gladstone Regional Council area have risen by almost 4000 to 39,882; up from 35,895 in 2012. But if history is anything to go by not everyone will make the most of the opportunity to choose their community leaders.

Figures from the Electoral Commission Queensland show that less than 80% of those registered for the last election actually voted and that includes the 'donkey votes'.

While 35,895 people were entitled to have a say on who was mayor, only 28,400 actually placed a ballot paper in the box.

There were 738 informal, or 'donkey votes' and Mayor Gail Sellers won by just 300 votes.

Across Queensland there have been record numbers for both candidates and voter enrolments with 1787 people making a bid for a council position and more than 3million voters enrolled.