Lesley McDowell with one of the 13 goats she brought to the Ekka.
Lesley McDowell with one of the 13 goats she brought to the Ekka. Sherele Moody

Lesley's not kidding! She's baaaaarmy for the Ekka

GOAT farmer Lesley McDowell is not kidding when she says she loves the Ekka.

Ms McDowell, who moved to the Gladstone region from NSW with her husband just 18 months ago, has been a stalwart of the Royal Queensland Show for many years.

This year she has brought a strong selection of her Saanen, British Alpine and Milan milkers to the event.

"We like to come because it's good fun socialising with the other goat people," the champion dairy goat breeder said.

"It's our yearly holiday really."

Over the past eight years, Ms McDowell has walked from the event with four supreme champion titles and she reckons one of her 13 entries will score the top honour again this week.

"But even if we don't win the top ribbon it's still wonderful to be here," she said.

Ms McDowell does not produce goat milk for sale but she uses the product to create soaps, raise poddy calves and to stock her larder with cheese and ice-cream.

The Ekka's dairy goat competition in one of the largest of its kind in Queensland with competitors coming from across the country.

Animals are judged on their attributes and their ability to produce quality dairy products.

When the dairy goat competition ends, the Boer goats take over the arena and the stables.

These animals are judged on their ability to produce high-quality meat.

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