Lego builds on Minecraft structure

TWO things must be said about Lego Worlds to begin.

Firstly, this is a freshly released early-access game on Steam, meaning it's not finished and not going to be perfect.

Secondly, the game is so similar to Minecraft it would be silly not to make comparisons.

With those being said, there's a lot to be excited about, with Lego Worlds assuming they push the game to its potential. If you've ever played Minecraft and wondered what it would be like if it had Lego blocks instead of those giant cubes, your answer has arrived.

You begin by skydiving as a Lego figurine onto a land made of Lego blocks. There are horses to ride, people to meet and skeletons (among other things) to fight. You'll see Lego structures, but it's not until you open up the terrain and building tools that the real fun starts.

There's a lot of polish needed and multiplayer support will be what lets Lego Worlds begin to compete with Minecraft as a building game (but not as an MMO or money-maker).

With improvements to the already solid block-placing mechanics, this will be a great way of building worlds.