Legislating against 'stupid' may not be such a bad idea

The Sunshine Coast Daily

WHEN I heard that Queensland motorists can be fined for eating a chocolate bar while driving, I immediately thought, "Yep, looks like we're in for another bumper crop of stupid from our political minders."

Except they may actually have a point.

I don't know how dangerous chewing a chocolate bar can be while driving, but I have experienced the eye-popping agony of having the contents of a steaming hot meat pie drop into my lap while motoring along the highway.

That I survived this crotch-scalding event, and was able to father children later, was a miracle.

Then there was the time I innocently opened a bottle of soft drink after a long and bumpy drive over the old track to Agnes Water.

The resulting soft drink eruption drenched my car's interior, and the shock of having a fizzy drink explode in my face nearly caused me to drive into an oncoming 4WD, which would also have been very bad for my car's interior.

Personally, I think car manufacturers are to blame.

While they continue to build cars with more drink holders than spark plugs, then we drivers are going to feel obliged to use them.

My car has several "beverage receptacles", and currently they contain a variety of water bottles, mugs of coffee and cans of soft drink. Most of which are empty.

Also, around the driver's area, I have found numerous places to stuff lollies, chips, breath mints, chewing gum and packets of sultanas.

This little stash comes in handy during long waits at roadworks, traffic lights, or while Long Suffering Wife is filling the petrol tank.

Funnily enough, the one thing I don't have in my car, but desperately need, is some sort of toilet attachment.

And, no, I am not going to use any of my empty drink bottles in the event of a bladder emergency. Especially not since The Great Drink Bottle Mix-up incident of '98.

All I have to say about that is some accidents are far worse than others, but how do you legislate against stupid?