Lyn Lee and Wes Walker at the Lest We Forget exhibition.
Lyn Lee and Wes Walker at the Lest We Forget exhibition. Tegan Annett

Lest We Forget: Soldiers' legacy lives on in display

THE legacy of fallen and surviving soldiers lives on in many ways, including in the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum's Lest We Forget exhibition.

Wes Walker completed his national service from 1969-1971. His dress uniform, battle uniform, jungle greens and slouch hat are all on show at the exhibition.

Mr Walker was based in the medical and dental store in Brisbane, where he saw men come back from Vietnam.

"I still have mixed feelings about not going to 'Nam," he said.

"I would've liked to have seen it for myself but at the same time having the experience of having nursed and dealt with those who came home, I'm very thankful I didn't.

"That was where I really saw the mental and psychological damage of war."

He said that because of his experience he had formed a different view on Anzac Day.

"I guess Anzac Day for me is more of a historical remembrance," he said.

"I can see its value for those who lost mates. I see it as a remembrance of the futility of war rather than a celebration."

Mr Walker had his uniforms hidden away for years.

He said it was a privilege to see them among the other war memorabilia in the gallery and museum.

Gladstone Regional Museum and Art Gallery heritage officer Lyn Lee said the gallery had a range of items from all wars, as well as the roll of honour of Gladstone and Calliope Shire.

The Lest We Forget exhibition continues until Saturday.