Customers and taxi drivers are fed up with no shows

THE Observer has once again received some complaints about taxis in the region.

These complaints follow some positive feedback provided over the Christmas/New Year period.

To shed some light on the issue we have published the recent experiences of those who believe they have been let down by no show taxis and contacted Blue and White Taxis chairman Allan Rowe for his response.

Read the story of a 71-year-old woman left waiting at 3am after her taxi never showed

Chairman Allan Rowe says that taxi drivers are sick of no show passengers

Contact the taxi service if you have a problem

Left waiting at 3am for a no-show taxi

IT WAS 3am when 71-year-old Joan Thompson was left at the train station waiting for a taxi that never showed.

"Before I left for the trip I rang and asked how I would go about booking a taxi for that time," she said.

"I was told just to ring, so I did.

"After 15 minutes I rang again, and after another 15, I had had enough."

So she decided to start the 20 minute walk home.

"I was weary," Ms Thompson said.

"You don't know who is poking around.

"It wasn't the best thing to do - but you do what you have to."

When Ms Thompson rang and complained the next morning she was told no taxis were sent.

"I'm 71 and I had to walk home. It's not right," she said.

"How many people have to be left like that? It's lucky I'm not in a walker. Taxis, as far as I'm concerned, are non-existent."

When The Observer brought the issue up with Blue and White Taxis chairman Allan Rowe, he said he was aware of the issue.

No-show customers too

THE Observer yesterday contacted Blue and White Taxis chairman Allan Rowe regarding the no-show taxi situation.

He said he couldn't comment on something he doesn't know anything about.

"I do get concerned when people haven't come to me first," he said.

"We are always singled out but we never get the opportunity to look into it ourselves."

Mr Rowe said he deals with complaints and would look into the cases and deal with them himself.

"I make it my business to contact every complainant.

"If we're wrong, we will admit it.

"I'm happy to look at the jobs and see what happened."

But while customers are getting fed up with no-show taxis, taxi drivers are getting fed up with no-show customers.

"We get a lot of no-show customers," Mr Rowe said.

"Nobody pays a taxi driver to drive to a no-show fare. People never call the cab company to cancel.

"Our people do it fairly tough out there particularly on the weekend."

Talk to 'taxis' first

IF YOU'VE got a problem with the taxi service in town, Blue and White Taxis chairman Allan Rowe is urging you to come to him first.

"The biggest problem in Gladstone is they want us to talk to them but they don't want to talk to us," he said.

If you want to raise your taxi concerns with Mr Rowe you can contact him on 4972 7138.