Biloela has been given permission to leave the Gladstone league for Rockhampton.
Biloela has been given permission to leave the Gladstone league for Rockhampton. Christopher Chan GLA210412RUGB

Gladstone loses appeal to keep Biloela in league competition

AN appeal to keep Biloela in Gladstone Rugby League's competition has been dismissed by QRL.

The appeal was GRL's last option to force Biloela to stay in the competition.

GRL president Glenn Butcher was not happy with QRL's decision but was looking on the positive side of things. "There is nothing we can do about it now," Butcher said.

The five remaining clubs are keen to get past the issue and play rugby league in what Butcher said was now "a truly local Gladstone competition".

He said without Biloela in the competition it would be less travel for clubs and would hopefully ensure big crowds at every game, with two Gladstone teams facing off.

Biloela president Ryan Harth said the club was glad they could move forward in to the Rockhampton competition and said there was no hard feelings towards GRL.

"Obviously their competition would be better with us in it but we've got to do what's best for our club," Harth said.

"It's time to just get on with footy."

Butcher said he wanted people to know the Gladstone competition was still going to be strong and all the clubs needed was bums on seats at every game.

"It's not the end of the world for us," he said.

What happened:

  • Biloela Panthers Rugby League Football Club unsuccessfully applied to QRL to leave the Gladstone competition and move to Rockhampton
  • Biloela appealed to the QRL Central Division
  • The Central Division's three-person panel approved Biloela's move to Rockhampton
  • Delegates from Gladstone clubs and GRL executives appealed the Central Division's ruling and lodged their appeal with QRL
  • QRL dismissed the appeal leaving Biloela free to join Rockhampton's competition in 2013