The cane toad found by L J Richards.
The cane toad found by L J Richards.

Large toad found in Toowoomba backyard, scares dog

A LARGE toad found in a Toowoomba homeowner's backyard was so big it scared the family dog.

L J Richards said the family dog found the toad towards their back fence near Gowrie Ck. 

"She's only a young dog, but was clever enough to alert and draw back, rather than try to touch it.

"I could tell, when I picked it up, that the toad hadn't been annoyed, as it wasn't secreting venom.

"I've seen one very large female toad as roadkill, over in Jones St, Harlaxton, near the rail yards. It may have been closer to 400g when still alive.

"Of course, the toad is leaving us, by way of a long stay in the freezer in a plastic bag, via the bin.

"Our property is close to Gowrie Creek, and we get the occasional toad.

"You can sometimes hear the males calling in warmer weather, it's a chirpy sound."

The toad was estimated to be about 154g.

The world's largest ever cane toad is reported to have weighed a massive 2.65kg.

Dogs are particularly at risk from cane toad poisoning.

When a dog mouths a toad a toxin is released as a sort of slime from behind the neck and "sticks" to the gums and tongue of the pet.

The toxin in the slime is rapidly absorbed by the dog across the membranes of the mouth.

Cardiac arrest can follow. 

The spread of cane toads across Australia.