Sydney Harbour Bridge bus fire. Picture: Twitter
Sydney Harbour Bridge bus fire. Picture: Twitter

Large blaze breaks out on Harbour Bridge

A GROUP returning from a wedding on board a bus were forced to run for their lives when the vehicle burst into flames while travelling across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The blaze broke out on board just after 11pm on Friday evening, with dramatic video footage capturing the panic and thick, black smoke billowed into the air.

A motorist noticed the fire and frantically signalled to the driver, who came to a stop and evacuated all 26 passengers.



It's understood they were a group from a wedding party.

Several southbound lanes of the Harbour Bridge were closed while fire crews battled to bring the blaze under control.

However, it had already spread to a nearby building, which partially caught alight.

Six fire trucks and 24 firefighters were called to the scene and eventually extinguished the fire.

The bus was completely destroyed but the building only received minor damage. None of the passengers were injured in the incident.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the blaze and all lanes had reopened by Saturday morning.