Border collies Angus and Sasha enjoy the Muster in style and comfort.
Border collies Angus and Sasha enjoy the Muster in style and comfort. Renee Pilcher

Lapping it up at Amamoor Creek

PAMPERED pooches, border collies Angus and Sasha reckon it’s a dog’s life at the Optus Gympie Music Muster.

After spending the night in a warm tent curled up in their very own doggy beds with their own blankys, they awake to the beautiful Amamoor Creek.

A quick dip, a dry off with a special hooded dog towel, a play and they are ready for some brekkie.

The dogs get their own food – and everyone’s leftovers – so after some tasty bacon and eggs it’s back to playing catch.

The border collies are owned by 18-time Muster patron Basil Beck from Maryborough.

Ms Beck has been training Angus for seven years and Sasha since she got her one year ago.

Angus plays fetch and has great self-control when it comes to waiting for a treat.

This Muster, after having seven under his belt, Angus is teaching Sasha the ropes.

Like how to wear her very own Driza-Bone coat, get lots of pats and what all the cool music is about.

The dogs get their own tunes back at camp, which are left on while their owner parties at the main stage.

Ms Beck said they had been spending most of their time cooling off in the creek.

And just like any good dogs, they go everywhere with their owner.

“But they don’t like fireworks, it scares them,” Ms Beck said.

In their doggy bags they also have their own sleeping bags, toys and treats.