Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the second presidential debate.
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the second presidential debate. John Locher

Land of the free-for-all hits new low

THE US election has turned into the greatest entertainment show on Earth - and those interested in the media should be grateful: we may never see the like again.

The awful Evil v Greater Evil battle that is rolling on in the good ole US of A - between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton - is like watching a car crash every day.

You want to avert your eyes, but you can't miss out on the next piece of lunacy.

Can two so unlikable people really be the last pair standing to run the world's greatest democracy?

My work reading starts early each morning when the newsletter of the Washington Post drops into my inbox.

Of yesterday's promoted 19 stories of international and US national news - 16 of them were on the presidential race, the majority being opinion and revelations on Trump's latest missteps.

I lost 30 minutes-plus laughing or shaking my head in disbelief at what was playing out. Did he really stalk his rival around the podium during the second debate this week? Was he really dumb enough to have himself recorded multiple times making lewd comments about women?

If you're a Mexican woman, should you be feeling doubly outraged?

We live in the cult of personality, of course, so no one should be surprised that the sound bite war is personality over policy. We've just never seen it to this level before.

When the two leading can- didates can't even shake hands, you know we've reached a new low.

With new polls putting Trump 11-14 points behind Clinton, is it finally safe to say the madman will not be running the asylum? Possibly not. The lead was as big a couple of months back, but closed rapidly ahead of the televised debates.

And America's most respected pundit, Professor Allan Lichtman, says the conditions still exist for a Trump win - and his system has correctly predicted the winner of every presidential election since 1984.

So hold on to your hats. I will be when I hit Twitter or open the inbox today. The last time I commented on the US election, I was trolled by crackpot supporters. I bet I'll be in for another fun 30 minutes this time around.

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