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Lamar Odom: Not to blame for Khloe Kardashian's feelings

LAMAR Odom claims he is not to blame for Khloé Kardashian feeling like "a shattered person" following the breakdown of their marriage.

The reality star talked about the breakdown of her marriage to the basketball player last year - which came amid allegations of him cheating and using drugs - on last night's episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians', but he reportedly doesn't feel he should accept responsibility.

A source told "He never asked her to feel that way or put her life on hold to help him. He went about his business and wanted to be left alone. He needed space to do whatever he wanted to do and he did so away from Khloé so he wouldn't hurt her."

Lamar, 34, is said to be worried how he will be portrayed on the show following his split from Khloé, which saw her file for divorce in December.

A source said: "The last thing Lamar needs in his life is to be portrayed as a schmuck. Khloé has assured him that it won't be bad, but how can it not be? Lamar is afraid that his drug use and cheating will be addressed on the show.

"At the same time, he is trying to make a career comeback and he thinks this is going to hinder and hurt those efforts. He feels he's going to be used to get ratings for the Kardashians."

On last night's episode Khloe talked about how she has been feeling, saying: "I've been in hiding because I'm afraid of people. I can't look at people in the eyes. And I'm not even the one who did anything. I need to get my life in order, but I love to work, as it distracts me, but I go home and I'm a shattered person."