Francis Bowen is unhappy with his treatment at Gladstone Base Hospital
Francis Bowen is unhappy with his treatment at Gladstone Base Hospital

Gladstone man waits more than 11 hours to get stitches

ON TUESDAY morning at 10:30 Francis Bowen fell off his scooter in West Gladstone to avoid being hit by a car.

The stand of his scooter had sliced through his right leg and he was taken to Gladstone Base Hospital by ambulance.

There, without an orthopedic surgeon on staff, he waited for 11 hours before an ambulance was able to transfer him to Rockhampton Hospital for surgery.

But Mr Bowen's frustrations didn't end there.

A doctor inspected his wounds and told him his injury was not very serious and would not need surgery.

"He got me to move my ankle, foot and toes and he said he was surprised I'd even been transferred to Rockhampton," Mr Bowen said.

They could have stitched up my leg and sent me home that morning in Gladstone."

It was after midnight when he was told he would not be admitted to the hospital and could go home.

"I asked them if another ambulance was going back to Gladstone and they told me 'No', so I rang my wife to come and get me (from Gladstone)," he said.

At 1am a nurse told him he could be admitted overnight but with his wife already on the road, Mr Bowen said it was too late.

He arrived home at 4 o'clock this morning and is still angry at his treatment.

"What's the point of spending $42million on a new hospital building if we don't have specialists in them?" he said.

"They should spend $5million of that on getting two oncologists, two heart specialists and two orthopedic surgeons in our hospital so we don't have to go to Rockhampton, Brisbane or Hervey Bay for treatment.

Gladstone Base Hospital has been contacted for comment.