Labor and Greens slammed for attack on coal-fired power study


The Labor Party and Greens have come under attack for attempting to scrap funding for a feasibility study into Australia's first 1 GW high-efficiency, low emission coal-fired power station in Collinsville.

Nationals Senate Leader Bridget McKenzie said the move in the Senate by Senator Jenny McAllister, and supported by Greens Senator Larissa Waters, showed Labor has abandoned the people they were established to represent.

"Queensland Labor Senators were cowardly missing in action from the Chamber when push came to shove, letting the socialist left dictate their agenda. Who is actually running the party of the workers?" Senator McKenzie said.

"It is incredulous they would oppose a project destined to deliver cheaper power, more jobs and a raft of benefits to Queensland.

"Not even the powerful CFMEU wants to be associated with this extreme left-leaning, job destroying Labor party.

"The Nationals want to create jobs and opportunities for rural and regional Australians, we want a stronger economy supported by affordable, reliable power."

Townsville-based Senator for Queensland, Susan McDonald, said Labor was no longer the party blue-collar workers could trust.

"Labor's reliance on Greens preferences has resulted in them no longer representing Queensland workers, especially those in mining and other blue-collar jobs," she said.

"Shine Energy's proposed Collinsville power station is projected to provide 2000 jobs during construction and 600 operational jobs, not to mention cheaper power for thousands of working families.

"It is to Labor's eternal shame that they would rather appease the Greens and climate change activists than the very people who put faith in them to ensure they have good-paying, long-term jobs in regional Queensland."

Queensland Senator Matt Canavan said Labor "had again" sided with Green activists who oppose coal, instead of the working class.

"The green left remain in control of the once proud Labor party and no matter how many times Joel Fitzgibbon dons a hi-vis shirt, Labor's opposition to coal power shows that he is all shirt and no shovel." Senator Canavan said.

"If Labor won't support coal fired power stations here, how can you rely on them to support the export of our coal to power stations overseas?"

NSW Senator Perin Davey said it's a sad time for workers.

"Workers and families across Australia should be worried that Labor no longer stands for them and that they are more interest in appeasing the Greens than standing up for jobs in regional Australia," Senator Davey said.

"This decision signals to many workers, particularly those in the Hunter region of NSW, that Labor will not back your jobs. The Labor Party are willing to throw workers out into the cold in the name of climate change, but they still do not have an emissions reduction target.

"The Nationals in Government have been clear - we are committed to support a feasibility study on the Collinsville project in Queensland. Labor, on the other hand, voted against reliable, affordable power generation.

"Our plan is clear: lower electricity prices while doing our bit to reduce global emissions without wrecking the economy - and we are seeing results."


Originally published as Labor and Greens slammed for attack on coal-fired power study