Beau Alan Timms threatened to kill his family friend of 20 years over a fencing dispute.
Beau Alan Timms threatened to kill his family friend of 20 years over a fencing dispute. Rob Williams

Knife-wielding neighbour threatens to kill family friend

A NEIGHBOURLY dispute turned violent when a man brandished a fishing knife and threatened to kill a family friend of 20 years.

Beau Alan Timms pleaded guilty and represented himself in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court on a public nuisance charge relating to an incident on December 29.

The court heard police were called to Rex Tce, Marcoola, at 6.36am to reports a man was abusing people on the street while waving a knife.

A witness who had been out walking his dog and a nearby business owner told police on arrival Timms had threatened people all morning.

The court heard when police approached him, Timms lifted his shirt and said, "I don't have anything on me".

He smelt of liquor, and Timms told the court he was "under the weather" from drinks the night before.

Police spoke with one of the Rex Tce neighbours who said a dispute broke out over payment for a fence Timms, a roofer, had built for them.

The court heard the defendant and victim were family friends of 20 years, but that morning Timms had walked up and down the vacant paddock next door saying he was going to kill them.

"One of the complainants feared he was going to jump over the fence and assault one or more of them," the prosecution told the court.

The court heard Timms had punched the complainant in the head before, and the family went inside and locked the doors.

They did not wish to make a further complaint.

Timms told the court he believed the incident broke out when he said "good morning" too loud for the time of day.

He then claimed one of the complainants "jumped the fence" and punched him in the head while wearing a knuckle duster ring, which resulted in five stitches.

Timms said that's where things went "pear shaped" and apologised for his actions.

Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist said Timms offending was at the high end of the public nuisance spectrum, and he was lucky to not face more serious charges.

He was fined $500 and a conviction was recorded.