The Kiwis have us licked when it comes to igniting the fans

WHILE most of us are looking to the wicket during the World Cup, the teams are also fighting for exposure on Twitter. 

And the winner is ... New Zealand! 


 3.196 million Aussies tune in for World Cup cricket win

The Black Caps have commanded more conversation than the Aussies have during the semi-finals, with @Blackcaps scoring 29% of mentions of each of the four semi-finalists, with @CricketAUS falling behind on 21%. 

New Zealand has been the talk of Twitter due to their heroics in recent days, Grant Elliot's six to defeat South Africa is the most Tweeted moment of the entire World Cup so far. 

In the same vein, Brendon McCullum  is the most mentioned player throughout the entire tournament.

Here is a quick snapshot of how the two finalists shape up on Twitter:


  • Most Tweeted player: Mitchell Starc - More so than the likes of Steve Smith or Michael Clarke, Mitchell Starc has lit up this World Cup, with an average of 9.77 and some very valuable scalps. The left arm paceman has also frequently got under the skin of imposing batsman almost every game so its unsurprising to see him as the most mentioned Aussie throughout the tournament.
  • Most Tweeted match: Although it may not have been the spectacle that the New Zealand/South Africa semi-final may have been, Australia's triumph over India was the Most mentioned game of the tournament so far (based on Tweet impressions)

New Zealand

  • Most Tweeted Player: Brendon McCullum - Not only is batsman Brendon McCullum the most mentioned Kiwi of the #CWC so far, he is also currently the most mentioned player in the entire tournament! It's unlikely many outside of NZ would have predicted a New Zealander would hold that claim to fame heading into the final
  • Most Tweeted match: The semi-final against South Africa was New Zealand's most Tweeted moment, and the fifth most talked about game of the World Cup so far (based on Tweet impressions)

Opinion: The Black Caps' semi win was worth all my mad screaming




Top 4 key moments of entire World Cup

  • New Zealand V South Africa - Grant Elliott hits the winning six sending NZ through to the World Cup final
  • India V Pakistan - India are victorious by 76 runs
  • South Africa V India - India defeats South Africa by 130 runs
  • England V Bangladesh - Bangladesh win by 15 runs, knocking England out of the Cup

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