ALL OUT: The boys from KISSTROYER give every show their all.
ALL OUT: The boys from KISSTROYER give every show their all.

KISSTROYER to rock out in Gladstone

ANDREW 'The Spaceman' Kyriacou says it's like walking on stage naked.

Going without make-up and costumes is bound to feel weird when you've been playing hardcore rock band KISS for approaching two decades.

But when Kyriacou and Co perform as renowned tribute act KISSTROYER at the upcoming Gladstone Harbour Festival, Kyriacou said the bandmates would spend about two hours in make-up before the show.

If you haven't caught the act before, KISSTROYER take their performance seriously.

"(We'll have) the boots, the costumes, the make-up, the authentic guitars, you'll see all the stuff that made KISS famous," Kyriacou said

"We'll smash guitars and we'll fire breathe."

Luckily, Kyriacou said, the band gets endorsement deals from different companies so there's always a guitar they can smash without breaking the bank.

Kyriacou said the act of putting on the make-up before the show helped him and fellow bandmates to transform into the personalities of their characters.

KISSTROYER has enjoyed unrivalled success, touring Australia and internationally and Kyriacou attributes the popularity and in-demand status to the band's attention to detail and passion for the show.

He said a strong source of encouragement was also the fact that audiences could be ruthless in judging the tribute act - tending to compare it critically to the real deal.

"If it's not right, it's not completely perfect, they're going to grill you for it," Kyriacou said.

"They want to hear exactly how it is on the album.

"(But) a lot of people say we play better than what (KISS) do live."

Kyriacou said the band was looking forward to playing Gladstone, especially as hometown Melbourne was experiencing the first whispers of winter.

"It's good for us, a nice weekend away," he said

KISSTROYER will be touring later in the year across South East Asia and India.

The band will perform a speciality KISS show in Melbourne on May 5.

Catch KISSTROYER live on Saturday, March 31, at the Gladstone Harbour Festival at the Marina Parklands.