Kissing lesbian couple sue police officer after 'assault'

A LESBIAN couple who were told to 'take it somewhere else' while kissing has filed a lawsuit, accusing a Honolulu police officer of discrimination, assault and battery, and violation of their Fourth Amendment rights.

Courtney Wilson and her girlfriend, Taylor Guerrero, were vacationing on Oahu back in March, local station Khon2 reported.

According to the lawsuit, they held hands while shopping at a grocery store and at one point, kissed.

They claim Honolulu police officer Bobby Harrison, who was off-duty but in his uniform, threatened to have them thrown out of the store.

The lawsuit states that he even approached store management to have a trespass notice issued against them.

They allege the police officer's actions were "committed with the intent to discriminate against them on the basis of their sexual preference".

The lawsuit claims Harrison "forcefully seized" Wilson to prevent her from leaving the store as she called 911.

It claims Harrison also threw Guerrero to the ground, striking Wilson in the process, then placed both women in restraints.

They allege they have "suffered great humiliation, embarrassment, and emotional distress, anxiety, worry, and concern'.

The women were arrested and charged with assault against a law enforcement officer, though the charges were subsequently dismissed with prejudice.

"I really just want an example to be made, despite whatever happens," Wilson said.

"I just think what he did was absolutely wrong, without a doubt. If this can help anybody in the future stand up for what's right."