Jennifer Jorgensen is a favourite at Kookaburra Creek Kindergarten.
Jennifer Jorgensen is a favourite at Kookaburra Creek Kindergarten. MIKE RICHARDS

Kindergarten teacher thanked for 20 years of dedication

TWO decades of inspiring children and building relationships with families has made Jennifer Jorgensen a favourite at Kookaburra Creek Kindergarten.

This year also marks her 10th year as director.

Past and present students and their families gathered at Harvey Road Tavern on Saturday to show their appreciation.

Working with children came naturally to Mrs Jorgensen, who came from a large family herself.

She began working at a kindergarten when she was 19, but took a break to raise her own children.

She began part-time work at the Kookaburra Creek Kindergarten while juggling university and motherhood, and became the director after completing a degree in early childhood education.

Mrs Jorgensen said having a child smile at you, or being there when they reached a milestone, made the job worthwhile.

"Every year you are presented with wonderful memories and wonderful children." she said.

"You become almost part of the family and when you have that relationship with the children, that is something that not many jobs offer.

"A lot of people see us and view our role as the hands-on, face-to-face teaching of children, but there is so much more behind the job then just working with the little ones," she said.

"And yet when you are one on one with a child, is there anything more special than that?"