Kin Kora intersection October 21,2015. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer
Kin Kora intersection October 21,2015. Photo Mike Richards / The Observer Mike Richards GLA211015KINK

Kin Kora roundabout taking shape as roadworks continue


THE majority of the underground work is finished and the new Kin Kora intersection is taking shape, with the removal of the material in the roundabout, road widening, and the installation of the two new bus stops.

Construction activities to be carried out over the next fortnight include:

  • Opening the new temporary left in/left out Stockland access on Philip Street. The access will be for light vehicles only;
  • Ongoing construction of the footpaths to link the new bus stops;
  • Works at the McDonald's/Stockland West access. This access will be maintained during construction;
  • Ongoing installation of electrical conduits for the new traffic signals;
  • Ongoing road surface activities;
  • Drainage works in the area between McDonald's and Lions Park; and
  • Completion of the remaining stormwater and sewage pipe works.

For more information visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.

Kin Kora roundabout, May 2015
Kin Kora roundabout, May 2015


IT'S slow going, but major upgrades to the Kin Kora roundabout are moving along as workers dig deep into the ground around the intersection.

More than 45,000 vehicles move through the roundabout every day.

The roundabout has been a topic of conversation for years, particularly the congestion and lack of visibility - even more so once the works started.

Readers were quick to point out that once the trees were removed at least one of the problems were resolved.

But the $25 million upgrade is about more than visibility.

When its finished, the intersection will have two lanes both ways, dedicated turning lanes, traffic lights, better bus stops on Philip St and a brand new road surface.