VIDEO: New twist on Kin Kora roundabout debate

THE Kin Kora roundabout debate has come around again, but this time residents are calling for a stop to changes at the intersection.

Works have started for the $25-million upgrade, which will include a four-lane traffic signal-controlled intersection.

Trees were recently cleared from the roundabout and drivers have noticed better traffic flow from increased visibility.

On Tuesday, Herb Linwood posted a letter to the editor to this paper voicing his opinion about the changes.

"You can actually see the whole roundabout now and it seems to be working well," he wrote.

Gladstone MP Glenn Butcher agreed visibility and navigation at the roundabout had improved.

But he said the construction of roundabout traffic lights was part of a long-term vision.

"The big picture here is that there is going to be a major shopping precinct in that area," he said.

"I fully understand it's much better without those trees because the visibility is better.

ROUNDABOUT RAGE: Herb Linwood thinks the Kin Kora roundabout does not need traffic lights.
ROUNDABOUT RAGE: Herb Linwood thinks the Kin Kora roundabout does not need traffic lights. Paul Braven

"But we're looking into the long-term infrastructure projects that are going to help the area, including the new shopping centre that people have been begging for.

"This project will help traffic flow through the roundabout and into this new shopping centre."

Mr Butcher said there would be some delays when major developments started.


Margaret Hunt: Yes - the traffic is flowing better now all those trees have gone.

Anissa Tessmer Was the first thing I said too. Yup, leave it as it is now. No need to spend money.

Paula Wilson: The clearing of the trees does not stop the cars from backing up and causing congestion. It does however make it easier to see what's coming around the roundabout. But it still needs lights put in there to flow traffic better.

Lisa Griffin: Yes. It was never that bad to begin with. It's a roundabout, people!

Dianne Daniels: It still has not fixed the problem of the amount of congestion that builds up there and the stupid risks people take and the amount of people who still do not seem to understand the road rules on roundabouts.

Lights or an over pass are the only way to truly fix the problem for good. Stop wasting money on this problem and trying to fix it with band aides.

Louise McRae: Bring on lights no second guessing.

Melly Cann: Nearly had an accident there last week because some idiot decided to go all the way round it on the outside lane. Bring on the lights I say.

Barry Ryan: Roundabouts in general are great! However a lot of people in Australia do not have a clue how to use them & only in QLD have I seen users in the left lane indicate to the right to go straight on!!

A letter writer says the Kin Kora roundabout is fine now the trees have been removed, and there's no need for further upgrades. Do you agree?

Posted by The Observer on Monday, May 25, 2015