Justin David Lown, 26, has been jailed for his involvement in a violent robbery.
Justin David Lown, 26, has been jailed for his involvement in a violent robbery.

‘Kill him’: Dad jailed for robbing real estate agent

A young father has been jailed for his involvement in a violent robbery in which a Coast real estate agent was lured and bashed.

"Kill him and leave him behind," were the words of Justin David Lown as he watched the attack on February 7, 2019.

The 26-year-old faced Maroochydore District Court on Thursday.

The court heard Lown was holding a bat as real estate agent Mark McGill was repeatedly hit in the face by co-offender Jacob French.

"As a result of that, the complainant suffered a swollen lip, several breaks of skin to each side of his face and a nose bleed which dripped on the carpet," crown prosecutor Alex Stark said.

French, 28, had been waiting at a Glasshouse Mountains home for Mr McGill who thought he was picking up French's then partner Jamie-Lee Sarelle Bernhardt.

The court heard the victim had been speaking on social media with Ms Bernhardt who had provided photos of herself in exchange for money.

French bashed Mr McGill before demanding he hand over his $13,000 watch, $400 wallet and $1000 mobile phone.

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Mr Stark said while Lown was involved in the robbery, he wasn't involved in setting it up.

He said Lown "shaped up to hit" the victim with the bat he was holding but he didn't use it.

"French is obviously the primary offender," Mr Stark said.

French then demanded Mr McGill to clean the blood off himself before they drove to an ATM at Beerwah.

Lown followed them in a ute.

The real estate agent withdrew his daily limit of $500 and handed it to French.

He also transferred $500 to Bernhardt.

Mr Stark said Lown downplayed his involvement when interviewed by police, saying he picked up the baseball to remove it from the room because he feared French would use it.

Lown appeared by video from Woodford Correctional Centre on Thursday to plead guilty to one count of armed robbery in company using personal violence, and one count of robbery.

He had been in custody for these offences for 36 days.

The court heard he had some criminal history including drug offences but he didn't have a history of violence.

Defence barrister Mark Dixon said his client witnessed violence in his childhood and developed a drug habit as a result.

He said his client slipped back into drug use in 2018 which led to offending.

"He found himself in a situation where he stupidly and foolishly supported someone who had been a friend of his," Mr Dixon said.

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He tendered a letter that Lown wrote to the victim.

"Primarily and importantly he offers an apology to Mr McGill and then towards the bottom of the letter it recognises that staying off drugs and healthy living while in custody are important to him and he recognises the benefits of them," Mr Dixon said.

He said Lown had a plan for his release from prison which including reconnecting with his young children, restarting his business and taking care of his mental health.

"His plea needs to be taken into account, his relative youth, the absence of violence on his history and that this was his first stint in actual custody," Mr Dixon said.

Judge Glen Cash said he had to balance the seriousness of Lown's offending with his co-operation and prospects of rehabilitation.

He took into account the lesser role Lown played in the robbery.

Lown was sentenced to three years in jail with release on parole after serving 12 months.

He will be released on July 14 next year.

French was sentenced in June to four years in jail with parole eligibility after serving 16 months.

He will be eligible for parole on March 7 next year.