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Kesha's award acceptance draws tears over abuse saga

KESHA tearfully thanked her supporters as she picked up an award.

The 'Tik Tok' hitmaker - who a judge ruled last month can't be freed from her contract with producer Dr. Luke, despite her claims he abused her - admitted she has been going through a "really intense and hard" time as she accepted the Visibility Award from the Human Rights Campaign at an event in Nashville.

Speaking as she picked up the prize, which was given in recognition of her for using her spotlight to speak out against bullying of LGBT youth, she said: "As many of you know I am going through some personal things that have been really intense and hard lately and I just want to say thank you for the support I have received."

The audience cheered when Kesha began to choke up and had to step away from the microphone to compose herself.

The 29-year-old star spoke of how she was a "misfit" growing up and still feels like an outsider,

She said: "That's why my message has always been about being yourself, and we really have to love each other and support each other.

"Believe me, when I sing these words I'm talking to myself as much as I'm talking to anyone else."

Kesha went on to urge others never to feel "afraid" to speak up about injustice or "shamed" into changing to suit other people.

She said: "My message today is don't be afraid to speak up against any injustice you experience.

"Don't let people scare or shame you into changing the things about you that make you unique.

"We can't be afraid to fight for our dignity. These are our basic human rights."