Therese Kerr
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Kerr’s holistic fight against chemicals

AUTHOR and "wellness" campaigner Therese Kerr has been inspired by a health scare to push for the removal of harmful chemicals from our lives.

Therese, who moved with her family to Tumbulgum in July last year, says most of the chemicals on Australian supermarket shelves today have never been tested for safety.

"Babies are born with 200 chemicals in their bodies. They're born pre-polluted," she says.

"The government in its wisdom allows chemicals to be used in our everyday products, including our children's products, on the basis they are safe until proven otherwise.

"Very few chemicals in the everyday products we use are ever tested for safety in cosmetics yet we absorb about 60% of what we put on our skin and don't question for one minute that the chemicals could harm us or our children.

Therese turned to a "holistic approach to wellness" when tumours were discovered in her spleen in 2001.

She believes that optimum health is achieved through creating then nurturing a physical, emotional and spiritual alignment within the body.

"I started looking at health and wellness and delving deeper and deeper into why my body would react in the way it did," she says.

"In 1995 I had endometriosis so bad that I couldn't have any more children.

"During the time I had tumours in my spleen; I ate predominantly certified organic and switched to certified organic products for my skin and hair.

"But unfortunately I could not find products like deodorant or hair care products that worked effectively - so I decided to research how to make our own and I have been on that path ever since.

"We simply need to be informed to make healthy choices for us and our family."

Moving to Tumbulgum from Sydney last year was another step on the path to fostering good health.

"I'm healthy as, like I'm 20 again," she says. Kerr family members are "country people" who love clean air, the earth, a connection to nature, the beauty and the people of the Northern Rivers region.

"It's beautiful. It's a hidden gem."

As a businesswoman, she markets the Divine range of personal care products and is a former CEO of Kora Organics, the line launched by her supermodel daughter Miranda Kerr.

"We received the most incredible testimonials from people who had eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea and I said to Miranda that we can't just stop at skincare, we need to do deodorant, sanitising hand gel, oral care products, hair care, men's products etc.

"Miranda didn't want to do those products and wanted to stick with premium certified organic skincare - plus many of her contracts prohibited her from doing so - so as a family we decided that we would continue but under the Divine name and Divine was born."

Early this week, a Divine range of products for babies was launched online.One of the manufacturers of the family's range is based in northern NSW. Ingredients are sourced from Australia and around the world.

Therese will talk about the scourge of chemicals at an evening presentation organised by Abode Interiors & Styling at Tweed Heads on June 3. The event starts at 6pm.

The "education and empowerment" theme is designed to steer others towards the better health that Therese enjoys.

Abode Interiors owner Kerrie Mohring said the evening was an opportunity to try out the Kerr family's certified organic range of products.

"You can try the products and ask Therese questions, so bring your list along - we encourage the interaction," Kerrie said.

Therese's goal is to have "certified organic" become the first choice for consumers.

"The increased demand will increase supply and the prices will come down," she says.