Monster Guitars duo Mark Easton and Adam Hole.
Monster Guitars duo Mark Easton and Adam Hole. Contributed

Monster Guitars keep it simple for Halloween

MARK Easton and Adam Hole are all about the "hard driving blues/ rock stuff."

The pair make up Monster Guitars, an act that is hitting up Gladstone on Friday night for a Halloween show.

Pulse caught up with Mark ahead of the performance.

Pulse: What will you be doing on Friday night at The Reef Hotel?

Mark: The only thing I can say is that we will have a smoke machine at full pelt. It will be a swamp kind of vibe.

Adam will be wearing a flesh-coloured jumpsuit and I will be wearing a blue singlet and blue jeans.

I always keep it simple. if you make it too complicated people can't understand what you are doing.

These days we are doing a lot of blues rock, like the '60s-80s.

We have a party vibe. We aren't getting too much of our original songs in to make it too complicated for people.

When you are coming into a town and you aren't there every week, the people just want to have a good time.

If you bring too much new stuff in it's too much for them to think about.

We will do a bit of Zeppelin and The Doors and Black Betty.

What was your last experience in Gladstone like?

We once did three gigs over at Curtis Island. Recently we had a great gig at the Yacht Club.

It was the best gig we ever did in Gladstone. It was a killer.

I look into touring small towns as a rare opportunity to look at Australia that you would have to pay for otherwise.

I like learning about the history behind towns.

You are playing on Halloween. Are you a believer?

It's crap. I am an Australian, I don't adopt Americanisms.

I don't want to live in America.

The last thing I want to do is eat Macca's and try to be American, I would rather chuck a sausage on the barbie and drink real beer.

Have you always been a musician?

We have been doing Monster Guitars now for two years. I have always been a musician and gone through different incarnations over time.

I was solo and bored so why I said to Adam why don't you come and join me? So that's how it all started.

What else do you do in your spare time?

I have always been into doing up cars. I also surf.


  • Friday: Gladstone Reef Hotel from 6pm
  • Saturday: Rocky Glen Hotel from 8pm
  • Thursday, November 6: Biloela Hotel from 9pm