Pat Bunting in her garden full of natives.
Pat Bunting in her garden full of natives. HELEN SPELITIS

In my garden: Pat likes keeping it native

THIS week we chat about gardening with Pat Bunting, who has a garden full of native plants.

Name: Pat Bunting.

Occupation: Retired.

How would you describe your garden? Scruffy and full of native plants.

It's definitely not planned out - just like life, you can't plan it.

I love putting little things like chairs in the garden and little pipes for the animals to hide in and having the birds come to visit.

The ducks just love swimming around in the dam and every year a mother and father duck come in with their little ones.

What's your favourite thing in the yard? My grevilleas - I am addicted to them - and my frangipanis because they are just so beautiful when they flower.

I love just sitting up on what will be our back patio, because the house isn't built yet, and watching all the cheeky birds flittering around chasing each other.

I love natives and I am hoping they attract some more native bees.

Is a garden ever finished? Definitely not because plants die and you have to replace them.

It's nice to know when our house is built the garden will already be established.

We've always done our gardens before our houses. When we lived in Gordonvale we owned a hotel and had a nice big garden.

People used to think it was a park and take a picnic lunch in there. We never saw them but our neighbours told us about it.

How much time do you spend in the yard? A couple of hours each day, sometimes I spend a whole day here because I get lost in my own world.

I like the pleasure it brings others, I see people stopping to have a look and I think our yard has inspired some of our neighbours to plant more natives.