Keep eye on suspicious activity to stop drug scourge

IT'S one of the major scourges of our society - and it's one that our police are determined to bust.

We're talking about drugs and the massive danger they pose to people's lives and the lives of others close to them.

That our police in Gladstone cleaned up 11 clandestine drug labs last year is testament to the hard work they are carrying out to try to rid our town of illicit substances.

The trick is for each and every one of us to keep a close eye on strange comings and goings, suspicious activity in homes nearby, and to let the police know of the observations.

The police on their own will get to know about many drug houses, but they can't be expected to know of all of them - and we can help them.

One of the major problems is once a drug dealer or producer is taken out of the business, there's another ready to come in and take that person's place.

Vigilance, and constant vigilance by us all will help to make a difference.

We don't want drugs here.