Keen early Muster-goers ready for a good time

RYAN Howard has only missed "two or three" Gympie Music Musters in the last 15 years.

"I've been coming since I was 15," Mr Howard said.

"I've been through all the wet ones and the stormy ones.

"They're the best ones."

Caboolture duo Mr Howard and Mr Glattback are the early birds of the "Muster Mad Crew", and have spent the week setting up their site since they arrived on August 1.

Mr Howard said it would usually take him up to a month to set up the site on his own before the Muster officially runs on August 25-28.

He said the site wasn't usually this impressive, but he "put in some effort" this year because friends from South Australia were travelling up for the event.

It took three utes and a caravan to bring all the camping gear from Caboolture to the Muster grounds.

"We could fit probably 20 people comfortably here," Mr Howard said.

The boys are still yet to set up their music box that would light up the site "like a disco", mascots including a stuffed morph suit dressed up as a cowgirl, and a television projector.

Mr Howard is excited for the music and the atmosphere of the Muster, with some of the best country music acts from across Australia and the world set to take the stage, but he said the people are what make the Muster special.

In fact, he doesn't even like to know the full music line-up before the Muster.

"I just love coming up here for the friends and the camping," Mr Howard said.

"God, you meet some funny people."

The experience brings the chance to meet friends from all over Australia - and Mr Howard said it doesn't matter if they only catch up once a year at the Muster.

"It's like you've seen them yesterday," he said.

There's no doubt Mr Howard will be back at the Muster early next August.

"Once the Muster's over, we get tickets straight away because they're cheap," he said.

"We've had the same two camp sites for the last five years."

Campers keen to reserve prime Muster sites began streaming into the grounds when the first rope-off period began on July 30.

A small number of stalwarts will camp there right through the Muster, but the vast majority have roped-off the site and pitched a small tent to reserve their area.