Red tape debate: Costume business followed the rules

RED tape debate - how much paperwork is too much? We talk to Gladstone business owners to find out:

KATHY'S Kostume and Fancy Dress started out of Kathy Scriffignano's home on Phillip St in 2008.

Kathy was told by Gladstone Regional Council she could start the business from home as long as she didn't upset the neighbours, block the footpath, have too many cars parked on the road or put up a big sign.


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She followed the rules, entered the Harbour Festival Parade and won the best new business with their 80 costumes.

"We didn't expect it to grow as quickly as it did. We now have more than 3000 costumes," she said.

"I had to register for an Australian Business Number and if I make the threshold I will have to register for GST. I still haven't reached the threshold," she said.

With the business expected to have a turnover of $28,000 last financial year, Kathy said it was nothing to sneeze at.

"It's a bit more than pocket change but we wouldn't survive if we had a rented shop front," she said.

"We have to pay our mortgage anyway so it's a little extra income."