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Kate Winslet has no computer

KATE Winslet doesn't own a computer.

The 'Steve Jobs' actress - who has children Mia, 15, and Joe, 11, from her past marriages and Bear, 23 months with spouse Ned Rocknroll - is pleased to be "terrible" with technology and places restrictions on the gadgets her kids are allowed to use.

She said: "I enjoy being terrible because it means I never have to get a computer. I don't have one.

"We have no social media in our home.

"My daughter has only just been given an iPhone but there are big restrictions on that, she has to hand it in at night and it's switched off.

"Children have to have a childhood and I do worry that exposure to social media and all these devices could get in the way of them just knowing how to club a tree."

As Kate and her daughter are getting older, she is fascinated by the changes in family relationships.

She told The Lady magazine: "We're all getting older and you learn to enjoy the shifts and the changes in the relationships.

"Also, playing a different role as a mother now that my daughter is a little bit older, and playing a different role as a daughter now that my mother is a little bit older, it's a wonderful, evolving thing."