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KATE Upton hopes to accept an invitation from a high school student to attend his prom.

The 20-year-old blonde model - who is set to appear on the front cover of US Vogue in June - surprised 17-year-old senior Jake Davidson by calling in to speak to him on the TODAY show on Wednesday, four days after he posted a YouTube video asking her out, and agreed to be his date on May 23 as long as her schedule permits.

The show's hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb got the supermodel on the line to speak directly with Jake about his desire to bring her to his school's black-tie event and she told him: "I absolutely love the video. It was so hilarious and so creative. Thank you so much for doing that, I really appreciate it."

Kate admitted she would love to attend and is hoping her schedule will enable her to be in Los Angeles at the time.

She said: "I definitely have to check my schedule, but you seem like so much fun and if everything works out, I'd love to go with you. I know we'd have a blast."

Kate isn't the first high profile celebrity to accept an invitation via YouTube.

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake both previously attended Marine Corps Balls in the US after being asked out by fans in 2011.

Samsung accidentally revealed that Kate will appear on the June cover of Vogue in the US in a press release announcing she will attend a Samsung TV launch in New York next week that read: "Kate Upton can chat about her upcoming Vogue cover in June, where she's taking her bikini for Spring Break after shooting the SI (Sports Illustrated) cover in Antarctic...and maybe do the Dougie!"