FEELING INSPIRED: Kasey Chambers' new EP is out this Friday and she'll release her next full studio album early next year.
FEELING INSPIRED: Kasey Chambers' new EP is out this Friday and she'll release her next full studio album early next year.

Kasey Chambers will debut new songs at the Gympie Muster

EXPECT to see Kasey Chambers popping up all around the Gympie Muster later this week.

The singer songwriter, who headlines this year's festival alongside The McClymonts, Beccy Cole and John Williamson, plans to enjoy the 35th annual event as a fan as well as a performer.

"I love being there and watching the other acts as much as anything," she tells APN.

"Often it's my friends who are playing. I like to crash other people's gigs, even if I'm not invited (laughs).

"Beccy Cole and I can't be at the same event without jumping up and doing something at each other's gigs. Also my band Grizzlee Train, who have been touring with me for a year and a half, have their own spot and my dad's playing too.

"You'll be so sick of me by the end."

Kasey's Muster experience comes full circle as she brings her 14-year-old son Talon along for the weekend.

"When I first went there it was with my mum and dad as a teenager," she says.

"Now I'm going to be taking my teenager back there for the first time; wow that's full-on.

"So far he still loves to hang out with mum. His biggest thing is will he miss out on a footy game."

Kasey will treat festival-goers to a few new songs off her upcoming EP, co-produced by her brother Nash Chambers and legendary Australian songwriter Paul Kelly, which will be released on Friday to coincide with her Muster show.

"Working with Paul was honestly one of the best musical experiences of my life," she says.

"I can't wait to share it. Even just talking about it now makes me excited."

Kasey, who jokes that she wore Paul down until the point where he couldn't say no, describes the Melbourne troubadour as a naturally laid-back producer.

"In the studio I love doing everything live," she says.

"I want to do my vocals live with the band and I want us all in the same room. I've played live for most of my life and I don't like going in and over thinking things and then doing it 10 times over.

"He very much sits back and lets things evolve on their own, and I think that's why I enjoyed working with him so much."

She plans to release her next full studio album, Dragonfly, in January next year.

"I feel like I have never been inspired by so many different things on one record in my entire life," she says.

"Obviously it takes in the past two or three years of my life, but there are also a lot of things on there that aren't related to my life. I've stepped outside and drawn on different stories from around the world that have inspired me. It's a bit strange for me to do that."

But when she hits the Muster main stage Kasey promises to play a set dominated by her big hits.

"I know a lot of people want to play all their new stuff, and I like doing that a little bit, but for the most part I like playing the old ones," she says.

"I know them better, it's less stressful and I don't have to think as hard (laughs)."

Kasey Chambers plays the Gympie Music Muster' s Main Stage on Friday at 8pm.