Karl stunned by MAFS star’s admission


MARRIED At First Sight contestant Hayley Vernon shocked Today host Karl Stefanovic this morning when she appeared to admit she and her reality TV 'husband' are no longer together.



"I said too much, didn't I?" Vernon asked as she glanced nervously off-camera - and later on in the interview, Stefanovic warned her that "Nine's publicity are very angry with you right now."

Finance broker and bodybuilder Vernon appeared on the morning show to discuss her union with truck driver David Cannon during last night's episode of MAFS - a pairing his religious and deeply conservative parents seemed very unhappy about.

Vernon admitted the reaction from her new beau's mother and father had made her feel like "the devil reincarnate".

Hayley says she 'did' like David.
Hayley says she 'did' like David.

"I like to think that, everyone who comes into my life, I don't prejudge them. I take them for who they are and what they are presenting to me. (So) it made me feel terrible. But at the end of the day, onward and upward, you know what I mean?" she told the hosts.

Stefanovic and co-host Ally Langdon then asked about Vernon's blossoming relationship with Cannon - the pair seemed to have real chemistry from the moment they met in last night's episode.

"Do you like him?" asked Stefanovic.

"I did like him. I did like him a lot. Tonight you will see that stuff happens.

"I said too much, didn't I?" she asked, squirming as she glanced off-camera. "You got it out of me!"

Did Karl's MAFS guest say too much?
Did Karl's MAFS guest say too much?

As the hosts pressed her for more details, Vernon backtracked: "I can't tell you; no spoiler alerts. That is the only way that you can be in life. You only can be yourself."

Closing out the interview, Stefanovic gave the new reality TV starlet a warning: "I tell you what, Channel 9 publicity are very angry with you right now."

"I think that they angrier with you," co-host Allison Langdon shot back.

"No, they were angry with me last year and the year before, and the year before that. This year I'm clean!" said Stefanovic, seemingly referencing the public scandals that saw him axed from Today in late 2018.

"For how long, is the question …" quipped Langdon.


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Posted by news.com.au on Wednesday, 5 February 2020