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Kanye West wants daughter to cash in on paparazzi photos

KANYE West is determined to change paparazzi laws so his daughter will be able to cash in on any photographs taken of her family.

The 'Bound 2' rapper insists pictures of celebrities taken by photographers in public should be regulated.

Kanye hopes his crusade will lead to a change in the law so he, his girlfriend Kim Kardashian and their three-month-old daughter North can profit from images of themselves as well as the snappers who take them.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on UK station BBC Radio 1, he fumed: "I'm changing things for my daughter, and I'm gonna tell my daughter by the time she understands,

"I'll be like, 'Me and your mother were in a completely different situation than you're in.

"At that time paparazzi was legal, people could take your pictures, climb over your fence, people would do that and you wouldn't even get paid for it.'

'You see all these cheques you getting at age six? It's because people want to take your picture. I made that happen Nori.' That's what I will tell her."

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The outspoken musician - who is facing assault and attempted theft charges after a confrontation with paparazzo Daniel Ramoout at LAX Airport last month - is angered by the negative portrayal of himself in the media and argued that there must be boundaries where paparazzi is concerned.

Kanye reasoned: "Paparazzi is necessary, not even a necessary evil. It just needs to be legalised, meaning at a certain point there is cut off switches.

"Also publishing [issues], they're selling our image and they are selling it in a bad way. [It annoys me more] they are selling my image in a bad way and I'm not getting paid for it."