“He took away my youth innocence, took away my best friends at school.”
“He took away my youth innocence, took away my best friends at school.”

Victim’s heartbreaking letter: ‘He took away my innocence’

A TEENAGE girl says she had her innocence taken from her when she was sexually abused by the son of two Gold Coast pastors.

Kairo Peter Nahi, 21, was jailed on Monday after he pleaded guilty in the Southport District Court to 13 counts of indecently treating a child under 16 and one count of using the internet to procure a child.

Nahi was in his late teens when he sexually abused four girls, forcing three of them to perform oral sex and touching them all inappropriately.

A secret agreement was reached between the Vibe Church and one of the girl's mothers to keep the pair apart.

Nahi is the son of the church's pastors David and Louise Nahi. There is no suggestion the parents were aware of their son's wrongdoing.

The Bulletin has obtained a heartbreaking letter written by one of the girls explaining how the attack had scarred her.

"Writing this letter is very hard and very emotional for me as I have tried my best to try and live a normal life and forget about what that monster did to me," the 16-year-old wrote.

"Ever since that night Kairo Nahi has ruined my life.

"He took away my youth innocence, took away my best friends at school."

The girl, 14 when the attack happened, writes about how she began to experience severe mental health issues and was bullied at school.

"My parents found out I was self-harming and sent me to see a counsellor and even then I was too scared and embarrassed to tell her what actually happened and what he did to me.

"This is something I will always carry with me for the rest of my life and has changed the person I once was.

"Till this day I still go through the hurt and pain and embarrassment he created."

The girl says she was scared to hold her boyfriend's hand and kiss him and was quick to anger.

"Due to all this I had to move church, youth group and my connect group," she wrote.

"All this that has happened is due to the damage Kairo Nahi did to me."

Shine Lawyers abuse law expert Lisa Flynn, who represented a number of people at the Royal Commission into Child Abuse, said it was known that "when a perpetrator has shown these behaviours it rarely stops at one incident".

"How disgraceful that this church has even thought about making a deal to protect a person who was preying on young girls," she said.

"Churches have a responsibility to own up to wrongdoing when they hear there is danger within their parish.

"They need to immediately ensure that the perpetrator has no access to children and they must reach out to see if any other children have been harmed."

Ms Flynn said it was disappointing the lessons had not been learnt after the pain and suffering of sexual abuse survivors who spoke at the Royal Commission.