J’Zaydon, Beautiful, Jathon...best bogan baby names of 2016

IN 2014, mother Sabrina Rogers-Anderson created controversy when she published a list of bogan baby names.

Now she has released her 2016 edition.

"I believe we all have a bit of bogan in us that we should embrace and celebrate," Ms Rogers-Anderson wrote on Kidspot.


"In that spirit, I present to you the 2016 edition of my best bogan baby names list."

Top of the list for boys is Aryan.

"'K, this is awkward," Ms Rogers-Anderson wrote.

"You do know about Hitler and his white supremacist ideology, right? Well, in case you missed it, he referred to his ideal white-washed race as the 'Aryan race'. Still so sure you want to bestow this name upon your son?"

Next is Blade.

Ms Rogers-Anderson wrote: "You may as well name your bundle of joy Shotgun, Machete or Nunchucks."

Other names on the boys list are adaptations or "grossly misspelled" common names.

Izaak instead of Isaac, Jathon, a "bogan variation of Jason" and J'Zayden, a combination of Braedon and Jayden.

Then there are the made-up names such as Daxon. 

"Names such as this one make me very poblizified. What? It means 'angry'. I made it up," Ms Rogers-Anderson wrote.

For the girls, some of the names that made the list were ones parents gave their children so they knew how "Beautiful" or "Younique" they were for "Ever".

"I have to give props to Younique's parents...they took the words YOU ARE UNIQUE, chewed them up and spat them out onto their kid. No fake subtlety there. Bravo!" Ms Rogers-Anderson wrote.

Then there are the common name adaptations: Kyly instead of Kylie and McKyla instead of Michaela.

And the combination names such as Cheryldine, a "mash-up between Cheryl and Geraldine".

Or Enivid, which is divine spelled backwards.

"You have undoubtedly heard of a little Nevaeh at your child's school by now - you know, Heaven spelt backwards (eyeroll). Well, move over, God's kingdom, 'cause you ain't the only word we can flip on its head,"  Ms Rogers-Anderson wrote. 

So "love 'em or hate 'em" here is the "all-new bogan baby name list" for 2016:


  • Aryan
  • Blade
  • Brogan
  • Daxon
  • Izaak
  • Jathon
  • J'Zayden
  • Khodii
  • Macsen
  • Zabryn


  • Beautiful
  • Braelyn
  • Cheryldine
  • D'Nyell
  • Ever
  • Enivid
  • Kyly
  • McKyla
  • Truely
  • Younique