'JUSTICE PREVAILED': Murderer’s second life sentence after retrial


CORINNE Henderson was murdered by a man who claimed to love her.

His jealous, obsessive and selfish act took her life in the most violent way.

Dane Andrew Pilcher, 41, was jailed for life, for a second time, at retrial on Wednesday for murdering his former girlfriend in the "sustained" and "vicious" attack.

Ms Henderson, 32, died from a fatal stab wound to the back that penetrated her rib cage and lung before puncturing her aorta.

Pilcher was found guilty of her murder in 2017 but appealed his conviction and faced a second jury in a seven-day retrial.

Corinne Henderson.
Corinne Henderson.

While he admitted to killing Corinne, Pilcher maintained through the trial that he was not guilty of murder, but of manslaughter.

His defence counsel James Godbolt argued that his client acted in the heat of the moment and killed Corinne after she approached and stabbed him with a knife - something the prosecution disputed.




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At sentencing Crown Prosecutor Aaron Dunkerton described Pilcher's actions as "sustained" and "vicious".

"The tragic events of that evening occurred in the context of the selfish refusal, by the prisoner, to accept that Corrine Henderson had moved on," he said.

"Your attack upon her occurred in the context of an obsessive, jealous rage because Corinne Henderson had ended your relationship and had bestowed her affections upon another."

In a touching letter read to the court, her mother Dianne Henderson detailed the pain she felt after losing her daughter.

Dane Andrew Pilcher allegedly murdered his ex-partner Corinne Henderson in her Idalia apartment in September 2015.
Dane Andrew Pilcher allegedly murdered his ex-partner Corinne Henderson in her Idalia apartment in September 2015.

Pilcher had been out drinking with friends on September 26, 2015, when he was sent an image of Ms Henderson and her new boyfriend Dwayne Wickham smiling together at the Townsville Races the day she was killed.

The photo sent him into a jealous rage and he texted a friend saying he wanted to "kill them both".

Pilcher left the Flinders Street bar he had been drinking at and called a taxi to Ms Henderson's home.

Less than an hour after he sent the text Pilcher smashed his way into the third-floor apartment and demanded to know if she was sleeping with another man before he stabbed Ms Henderson 21 times with a kitchen knife.

Immediately after the attack, Pilcher called his ex-wife to confide in her that he had killed Ms Henderson.

Only after this call did he dial triple-0.

Mr Dunkerton read victim impact statements from Corrine's family to the court as Pilcher was sentenced; each of the four statements asked for the maximum penalty of life in prison.

"Although this will not bring her back to us, it will give some peace of mind and justice for Corrine," the letter from her mother said.

"The loss myself and family have gone through deserves nothing less than life behind bars with no parole; this still doesn't come close to being enough," the statement from her brother read.

Originally published as "JUSTICE PREVAILED": Murderer's second life sentence after retrial